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Rainman Simulators specialises in the development and production of the highest quality, precision-made, fully customised professional simulation components and systems. With over 20 years of engineering and considerable flying expertise, our products are suited to both professional pilots and enthusiasts alike, and are worlds apart from consumer-grade simulation equipment.

Mark Hungerford, Rainman Simulators’ Founder and Owner, has an extensive career combining a number of disciplines that coalesce to bring you Rainman Simulators. Starting almost 25 years ago with an electrical trade, Mark’s interests lead him down the path of an Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1996. Mark then began to learn to fly helicopters in 1992 and has been flying ever since. More recently, Mark has ventured into learning fixed wing aircraft and has a substantial number of hours in both types of aircraft under his belt. Mark combines his passion for flying, with his extensive engineering experience to develop equipment that brings simulators to life. Rainman Simulators has been in commercial operation, building flight simulation equipment for over 5 years.

In addition to manufacturing, high quality simulation gear with Rainman Simulators, Mark is also working on an ultralight helicopter project developing instrumentation, remote monitoring capabilities and control systems design that far exceeds the typical capabilities of helicopters of that size. Mark knows aircraft cockpits and uses his extensive experience to enrich and finesse the products Rainman Simulators produces.

Built by pilots, for pilots, and to the highest quality, using industrial grade materials and engineering standards, Rainman Simulators strives to bring your simulation experience as close as possible to that of real world flying or driving. We understand the importance of immersive practice in developing your and our advanced customised cockpits ensure a virtualised experience approximating the real thing.

Rainman Simulators provides the ultimate in home-simulation. Custom built and with products to suit every price range, by dedicated and enthusiastic pilots and simulation professionals.

Our component parts and full simulation systems are durable, reliable, and work to deliver an experience that replicates as closely as possible. Your simulator should feel like the aircraft you fly, or the vehicles you drive rather than a game in an arcade.

We don’t just build simulation equipment for flying either, we build driving simulator cockpits too!

Whether you’re after a fully customised cockpit, screen projection systems, rudder pedals, steering wheels, a new cyclic, or ANY part of your simulation needs, Rainman Simulators can help…and we ship worldwide!

If you’re learning to fly fixed or rotary wing aircraft, take your on-the-ground practice and training to the next level with Rainman Simulators professional simulation environments and accessories.

For more information on our product range, visit our website at www.rainman.tv or contact Rainman Simulators today.

Here at Rainman, a dedicated team of engineers will provide top-quality equipment to suit your every need.


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