Helicopter Microsim

Helicopter Microsim


$2,502.47 per 1


A customisable helicopter microsim.

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The cyclic is a direct mechanical connection to the sensors, which means no mechanical parts to wear and cause backlash in response. Leo Bodnar USB interface boards round out the high quality on these systems to give 650 increments across each axis of the cyclic, 500 increments on the pedals, and 600 on the collective.

The electronics support any game or software that uses USB game pad inputs, such as MS Flightsim, X-Plane, or MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, which plays all the old arcade retro games!).

Standard Grip

The Standard Cyclic (left/above) is the standard grip with which all our microsims and cyclics are fitted. It comes with a hat switch, trigger, and 3 buttons (one next to the trigger).

Below/Right is the ultimate in grips for your home sim - a civil version of the B8 grip that has been used in most military aircraft over the last 50 years. It can be optioned on to the cyclic.

B6 Grip

We also have available a stock of grips and tubes that have been removed from aircraft and may be optioned onto a cyclic unit. This stock is constantly changing - if you want a particular grip, contact us to find out what is in stock!

The collective pitch unit can be ordered with the stem cut to any length and supplied with or without a twist throttle.

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